Damon Pursell Construction Co.
About Damon Pursell Construction Co.

Damon PursellDamon Pursell Construction has been in business since before World War II and incorporated in 1953. We are a second generation, privately held corporation in the heavy construction industry. Our founder Damon Pursell started the company with a single dozer and a hard work ethic. We’ve seen Damon Pursell Construction grow into a top notch company well respected and sought after by developers, engineers and contractors.

Over the years we have developed the personnel, equipment and management to handle all types of heavy equipment construction. From total quality management and field supervision through exacting pre-construction planning, Damon Pursell Construction provides our clients with cost effective, comprehensive solutions for every construction project. We have a reputation for quality work on a timely basis.
Dorothy PursellAfter his death in 1973, Dorothy Pursell, Damon’s wife continued the Pursell tradition of quality and excellence. Today, Mike Pursell leads the company into vertical integration including a land development team and the company’s own Rockridge Quarry.

Damon Pursell on a cable dozer
Cable dozers and a scraper